Monday, 27 May 2013

Badam Halwa


This my first post in my first blog. So I thought to put sweet recipe. Badam Halwa is my all time favorite sweet. And also very easy to make in my version.Here in germany we can get powdered badam. So I use to make it often. Here is the recipe.....


Badam                          100gm(powdered or whole)
Sugar                             75gm
Milk                                300ml
Saffron                           1pinch
Yellow food color         1pinch
Cardamom                    1/4tsp(powdered)
Camphor                        1pinch (pachai karpooram)

If you have badam powder handy you can directly start making halwa by method 1. If you don't have it you can follow method 2.


  • Take a deep heavy bottomed pan and heat it with a tspn of ghee. When ghee melts add badam powder and fry it for just 1 min.

  • Now add boiled milk stir well to avoid lumps. keep stirring continuously until the milk gets evaporate.
  • When the milk evaporate you can see that paste gets thicken . Now add sugar  along with saffron soaked in lukewarm milk and yellow food color, cardamom, camphor.

  • Stir well continuously to avoid burning the halwa. And also add tsp of ghee in regular intervals. Within 10mins you can see the paste thickens and forms a soft ball. Switch off the heat and stir for 5mins.

  • Now tranfer the halwa to a clean and greased container. Leave it to get cool.
  • Now the the finger licking yummy halwa is ready to serve.


    1. Given sugar measurement  is belongs to my taste. If  you wish to add sugar,you can add any stage of the process.even in the last stage.
    2. After cooling halwa gets little hard and non sticky.If you didn't get the right consistency like non sticky u can repair it by reheating it.
    3. Badam halwa is very sensitive, so stir it continuously to avoid burning the halwa. If it does total product will  flop.
    4. If little less taste doesn't matter, you can grind the whole badam without peeling skin and continue making halwa following by  method 1. Else u really consider about the taste, and don't have powdered badam u may need to click  method 2

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    1. Looks delicious! This dish brings back so many childhood memories.


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